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Influencer Marketing

Your buzzword to growth. Tap into niche markets, and help your brand reach original, tough-to-engage audiences in genuine ways. Quickly build trust, improve your brand awareness, and enriches your content through our multiple set of strategies.

Account Management

Nurture and maintain relationships with your audience. Enjoy a powerful intensive digital presence with our account management services. Enable your brand to evolve. Grow. Manage. Retain. Through smart business briefs, we can run all your digital accounts to get your messages delivered to your target audiences.

Media Buying

Accelerate to reach your full potential through creative social and PPC ads. Leverage the power of influencers and ensure your brand message delivery through media buying and SEM tactics. It is what we handle and more.

Content Marketing

Create. Connect. Optimize. Thinking strategically about your content. Content ignites a spark of interest in your target audience, then you’ve made a connection. and if you’ve made a connection, then you’re halfway there to convert them into loyal customers or clients.

Content Moderation

Navigate through your audience. Our personnel moderates content in real-time, besides the social mentioning of your brand. We offer faster and better quality at a lower cost than commonly outsourced moderation.


Borderless. Around-the-clock availability. Build your ecommerce store and pump your products online to reach an infinite number of potential buyers. Widen your market, and unleash your potentials with full control and optimization to your online store. Secure your success.

Megancy promises you the foundations for business prosperity